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On Our Minds

Each month during On Our Minds, PRMS risk managers keep our clients in-the-know with a discussion on topics of interest from the prior month, such as risk alerts, educational articles to check out, new risk management publications and important issues that may impact your practice.

Click the links below to find recordings of each session as well as all referenced resources!

January 2020



This month's topics include:

    • In the News – Illegal sale of CBD products, Misuse of social media, Defective EHR systems, and HIPAA
    • Interesting Journal Articles – Post-partum depression, Psychiatry’s obligation to treat and mitigate age-related disorders, Association of oral contraceptives with depressive symptoms in adolescents
    • Homily – Clinic Employment
    • Top issues from 2019 – FDA approval of Esketamine, Ethical aspects of medical marijuana, Release of records to life insurance companies, Suicide, Opioid crisis, Guns and violence, Telepsychiatry, Weaponization of Yelp
    • 2020 Risk Management Resolutions
    • And more!



On Our Minds Archive



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