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Rx for Risk



Volume 26 Issue 1 (The Office Management Issue)

  • Office Sharing and Liability Risks
  • Elements of an Office Confidentiality Policy
  • Model Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Dealing with "Disservice" Animals
  • HIPAA Compliance Checklist
  • Sample Office Policies to be Considered
  • Risk Management Reminders for Online Marketing
  • Telephones and Risk Management
  • Risk Management Tips for Using Collections Agencies
  • Practical Pointers While on Vacation or Away from Your Practice



Volume 25 Issue 4 (The 2017 Round-up Issue – Opioids)

  • Keep Doing Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Cyberattacks on Healthcare Organizations
  • Board's Authority vs. Patients' Right to Privacy
  • Are you Fee-Splitting without Realizing it?
  • Not Checking the State Prescription Monitoring Program Database?
  • Opioids: Part 1 - The Stats
  • Opioids: Part 2 - The Government's Response
  • Opioids: Part 3 - The Risk Management Advice


Volume 25 Issue 3 (The Requests for Patient Information Issue)

  • Responding to requests for Patient Information, Subpoenas, and Court Orders
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Subpoenas Should Not Be Ignored
  • Patient Access to a Psychiatrist's Record
  • Myths & Misconceptions: When Investigators Come Knocking
  • GINA: Six Things You Need to know
  • When Your Patient Makes the News...
  • Myths & Misconceptions: "Just Three Questions”


Volume 25 Issue 2 (The Documentation Issue)

  • Myths & Misconceptions: A Prefect Record
  • Practical Pointers for Psychiatric Records
  • Retaining and Discarding Psychiatric Records
  • EHRs and Documentation
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Psychiatrist's Signatures


Volume 25 Issue 1 (The Forensic Issue)

  • Malpractice Liability for Forensic Activities: Liability in the Absence of a Treatment Relationship
  • Myths & Misconceptions: The Treating vs. The Forensic Role
  • Independent Evaluations in Child Custody Disputes
  • Risk Management Practical Pointers for Psychiatric Forensic Practice
  • Case Presentation: Independent Medical Examination (IME) Liability



Volume 24 Issue 4 (The 2016 Round-up Issue - Linked In Posts)

  • Why Marijuana is Still a "High" Risk for Physicians
  • Bullying - It's Different Now
  • HIPAA and NICS
  • Telemedicine - Still so Many Unknowns
  • The FTC's Action Against LabMD
  • Minors' Confidentiality vs Parents' Right to Know
  • The Importance of Including Driving Prohibitions in Informed Consent Discussions
  • Your Medical Records Could be Held for Ransom
  • Minors & Sexting: Serious Consequences


Volume 24 Issue 3 (The Geropsychiatry Issue)

  • Practical Risk Management Pointers for the Treatment of Geropsychiatric Patients
  • Communicating with Family Members and Other Caregivers
  • Recognizing Elder Abuse
  • Impaired Drivers: Maximizing Safety, Minimizing Liability Risks
  • Obtaining Informed Consent When Patient Lacks Decision-Making capacity
  • A Claim Examiner's Perspective: Notice of a Patient Death


Volume 24 Issue 2 (Psychopharmacology: Part II)

  • Prescribing Controlled Substances: Managing the Risks
  • Documentation of Informed Consent: When Should Use of a Form Be Considered
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Pharmacy Benefits
  • Monitoring Guidelines & the Adverse Effects of Medication
  • Medication Samples in the Office: Understand the Risks to the Patient & to the Psychiatrist


Volume 24 Issue 1 (Psychopharmacology: Part I)

  • Risk Management and Psychopharmacology
  • Use of Medication Guides for Patients
  • Practical Pointers for Off-Label Use of an Approved Drug
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Prescriptions for Non-Patients
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: What You Need to Know
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Patients Who Obtain Multiple Prescriptions



Volume 23 Issue 4 (The 2015 Round-up Issue)

  • Eight Simple Steps to Keep Patient Information Secure
  • What Does Ryan Haight Have to Do with Telemedicine?
  • Risk Management Reminders for Online Marketing
  • Timesaving Tip for Physicians
  • Get the Custody Order - Before Treating
  • 4 Steps to Implement E-Prescribing 


Volume 23 Issue 3 (Treatment of the Suicidal Patient: Part II)

  • Suicide Lawsuit Data
  • Guidelines for the Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults
  • Risk Management Checklist: Post Patient Suicide
  • Cause of Loss Data
  • Split Treatment & The Suicidal Patient 


Volume 23 Issue 2 (The Contracts Issue)

  • Employment Agreements
  • Medical Record Storage Company Agreements
  • EHR Vendor Agreements
  • E-Prescribing Vendor Agreements: What You Need to Know
  • Model Office Agreements 


Volume 23 Issue 1 (Treatment of the Suicidal Patient: Part I)

  • Lessons to Be Learned: A Review of Post-Suicide Malpractice Lawsuits
  • Practical Pointers for Managing Risk When Treating Patients With Suicidal Behaviors
  • Risk Management After a Suicide: Confidentiality and Related Matters
  • Resource List: Suicide Prevention
  • 2015 Risk Management Seminars - Save the Date! 



Volume 22 Issue 4 (The LinkedIn® and Telemedicine Issue)

  • Are You "LinkedIn"?
  • Top 4 Things to Consider Before Using Skype for Telemedicine
  • Patients Needing Help to Get Their Dogs to "Heal"
  • Treating Students Away at College - Could You? Should You?
  • Are You Sure You Are a HIPAA-Covered Entity?
  • "Docs v. Glocks" Case in Florida
  • Physician Online Marketing Tips to Avoid Drug-Seekers


Volume 22 Issue 3 (The Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Issue)

  • Consent to Treatment of Minors
  • Confidentiality of Minor Patient Information
  • Providing Psychiatric Services to School Systems
  • Performing Evaluations in Child Custody Disputes
  • Treating Patients of Divorced Parents
  • Prescribing for Minor Patients 


Volume 22 Issue 2 (The Integrated Care Issue)

  • Professional Liability Implications of the Affordable Care Act
  • Integrated Care Glossary
  • Split Treatment and Risk in Psychiatry
  • A Model Collaborative Treatment Agreement
  • Supervision of Nurse Practitioners
  • Managing Handoff Risk
  • Curbside Consults


Volume 22 Issue 1 (The Contingency Planning Issue)

  • Failing to Plan, Is Planning to Fail
  • Office Sharing and Liability Risks
  • Supervision of Medical and Non-Medical Mental Health Care Providers
  • Risk Management Pointers For Using Collection Agencies
  • Time Away From Your Practice: Pleasurable or Problematic?
  • Moving On: Risk Management Tips for Closing a Private Practice



Volume 21 Issue 3 (The Social Networking Issue)

  • Social Networking - Is it Right for You and Your Practice?
  • Thinking about Telemedicine?
  • Blogging Responsibly: Dos and Don'ts
  • A Few Words about Twitter


Volume 21 Issue 2 (The E-mail Issue)

  • Communicating with Patients Via Email
  • A Word About Text Messaging
  • Email Consent and Guide to Email Use
  • Should You Have a Practice Website?
  • Google: Tool or Trap?
  • Playing it Safe on Listservs 


Volume 21 Issue 1 (Treating Potentially Violent Patients)

  • Reducing Risk When Treating Potentially Violent Patients
  • Fast Facts: Preparing for a DEA Visit
  • Patient Violence Against Clinicians: Managing the Risk
  • Resource List: Youth Violence - Homicidal & Suicidal Behavior
  • Termination of the Psychiatrist-Patient Relationship Dos & Don'ts
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