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Rx for Risk

Through Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (FAIRCO), Professional Risk Management Services® (PRMS®) manages The Psychiatrists’ Program®, the professional liability insurance program for psychiatrists.  This was effective on or about 10/1/2019.



Volume 26 Issue 1 (The Office Management Issue)

  • Office Sharing and Liability Risks
  • Elements of an Office Confidentiality Policy
  • Model Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Dealing with "Disservice" Animals
  • HIPAA Compliance Checklist
  • Sample Office Policies to be Considered
  • Risk Management Reminders for Online Marketing
  • Telephones and Risk Management
  • Risk Management Tips for Using Collections Agencies
  • Practical Pointers While on Vacation or Away from Your Practice



Volume 25 Issue 4 (The 2017 Round-up Issue – Opioids)

  • Keep Doing Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Cyberattacks on Healthcare Organizations
  • Board's Authority vs. Patients' Right to Privacy
  • Are you Fee-Splitting without Realizing it?
  • Not Checking the State Prescription Monitoring Program Database?
  • Opioids: Part 1 - The Stats
  • Opioids: Part 2 - The Government's Response
  • Opioids: Part 3 - The Risk Management Advice


Volume 25 Issue 3 (The Requests for Patient Information Issue)

  • Responding to requests for Patient Information, Subpoenas, and Court Orders
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Subpoenas Should Not Be Ignored
  • Patient Access to a Psychiatrist's Record
  • Myths & Misconceptions: When Investigators Come Knocking
  • GINA: Six Things You Need to know
  • When Your Patient Makes the News...
  • Myths & Misconceptions: "Just Three Questions”


Volume 25 Issue 2 (The Documentation Issue)

  • Myths & Misconceptions: A Prefect Record
  • Practical Pointers for Psychiatric Records
  • Retaining and Discarding Psychiatric Records
  • EHRs and Documentation
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Psychiatrist's Signatures


Volume 25 Issue 1 (The Forensic Issue)

  • Malpractice Liability for Forensic Activities: Liability in the Absence of a Treatment Relationship
  • Myths & Misconceptions: The Treating vs. The Forensic Role
  • Independent Evaluations in Child Custody Disputes
  • Risk Management Practical Pointers for Psychiatric Forensic Practice
  • Case Presentation: Independent Medical Examination (IME) Liability



Volume 24 Issue 4 (The 2016 Round-up Issue - Linked In Posts)

  • Why Marijuana is Still a "High" Risk for Physicians
  • Bullying - It's Different Now
  • HIPAA and NICS
  • Telemedicine - Still so Many Unknowns
  • The FTC's Action Against LabMD
  • Minors' Confidentiality vs Parents' Right to Know
  • The Importance of Including Driving Prohibitions in Informed Consent Discussions
  • Your Medical Records Could be Held for Ransom
  • Minors & Sexting: Serious Consequences


Volume 24 Issue 3 (The Geropsychiatry Issue)

  • Practical Risk Management Pointers for the Treatment of Geropsychiatric Patients
  • Communicating with Family Members and Other Caregivers
  • Recognizing Elder Abuse
  • Impaired Drivers: Maximizing Safety, Minimizing Liability Risks
  • Obtaining Informed Consent When Patient Lacks Decision-Making capacity
  • A Claim Examiner's Perspective: Notice of a Patient Death


Volume 24 Issue 2 (Psychopharmacology: Part II)

  • Prescribing Controlled Substances: Managing the Risks
  • Documentation of Informed Consent: When Should Use of a Form Be Considered
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Pharmacy Benefits
  • Monitoring Guidelines & the Adverse Effects of Medication
  • Medication Samples in the Office: Understand the Risks to the Patient & to the Psychiatrist


Volume 24 Issue 1 (Psychopharmacology: Part I)

  • Risk Management and Psychopharmacology
  • Use of Medication Guides for Patients
  • Practical Pointers for Off-Label Use of an Approved Drug
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Prescriptions for Non-Patients
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: What You Need to Know
  • Myths & Misconceptions: Patients Who Obtain Multiple Prescriptions



Volume 23 Issue 4 (The 2015 Round-up Issue)

  • Eight Simple Steps to Keep Patient Information Secure
  • What Does Ryan Haight Have to Do with Telemedicine?
  • Risk Management Reminders for Online Marketing
  • Timesaving Tip for Physicians
  • Get the Custody Order - Before Treating
  • 4 Steps to Implement E-Prescribing 


Volume 23 Issue 3 (Treatment of the Suicidal Patient: Part II)

  • Suicide Lawsuit Data
  • Guidelines for the Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults
  • Risk Management Checklist: Post Patient Suicide
  • Cause of Loss Data
  • Split Treatment & The Suicidal Patient 


Volume 23 Issue 2 (The Contracts Issue)

  • Employment Agreements
  • Medical Record Storage Company Agreements
  • EHR Vendor Agreements
  • E-Prescribing Vendor Agreements: What You Need to Know
  • Model Office Agreements 


Volume 23 Issue 1 (Treatment of the Suicidal Patient: Part I)

  • Lessons to Be Learned: A Review of Post-Suicide Malpractice Lawsuits
  • Practical Pointers for Managing Risk When Treating Patients With Suicidal Behaviors
  • Risk Management After a Suicide: Confidentiality and Related Matters
  • Resource List: Suicide Prevention
  • 2015 Risk Management Seminars - Save the Date! 



Volume 22 Issue 4 (The LinkedIn® and Telemedicine Issue)

  • Are You "LinkedIn"?
  • Top 4 Things to Consider Before Using Skype for Telemedicine
  • Patients Needing Help to Get Their Dogs to "Heal"
  • Treating Students Away at College - Could You? Should You?
  • Are You Sure You Are a HIPAA-Covered Entity?
  • "Docs v. Glocks" Case in Florida
  • Physician Online Marketing Tips to Avoid Drug-Seekers


Volume 22 Issue 3 (The Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Issue)

  • Consent to Treatment of Minors
  • Confidentiality of Minor Patient Information
  • Providing Psychiatric Services to School Systems
  • Performing Evaluations in Child Custody Disputes
  • Treating Patients of Divorced Parents
  • Prescribing for Minor Patients 


Volume 22 Issue 2 (The Integrated Care Issue)

  • Professional Liability Implications of the Affordable Care Act
  • Integrated Care Glossary
  • Split Treatment and Risk in Psychiatry
  • A Model Collaborative Treatment Agreement
  • Supervision of Nurse Practitioners
  • Managing Handoff Risk
  • Curbside Consults


Volume 22 Issue 1 (The Contingency Planning Issue)

  • Failing to Plan, Is Planning to Fail
  • Office Sharing and Liability Risks
  • Supervision of Medical and Non-Medical Mental Health Care Providers
  • Risk Management Pointers For Using Collection Agencies
  • Time Away From Your Practice: Pleasurable or Problematic?
  • Moving On: Risk Management Tips for Closing a Private Practice



Volume 21 Issue 3 (The Social Networking Issue)

  • Social Networking - Is it Right for You and Your Practice?
  • Thinking about Telemedicine?
  • Blogging Responsibly: Dos and Don'ts
  • A Few Words about Twitter


Volume 21 Issue 2 (The E-mail Issue)

  • Communicating with Patients Via Email
  • A Word About Text Messaging
  • Email Consent and Guide to Email Use
  • Should You Have a Practice Website?
  • Google: Tool or Trap?
  • Playing it Safe on Listservs 


Volume 21 Issue 1 (Treating Potentially Violent Patients)

  • Reducing Risk When Treating Potentially Violent Patients
  • Fast Facts: Preparing for a DEA Visit
  • Patient Violence Against Clinicians: Managing the Risk
  • Resource List: Youth Violence - Homicidal & Suicidal Behavior
  • Termination of the Psychiatrist-Patient Relationship Dos & Don'ts


Professional Risk Management Services® ( “PRMS®”) provides the information contained in PRMS U for general use and information. Information provided is intended to improve clarity on issues regarding psychiatry services and insurance coverage, and related issues regarding those services. This information is intended, but not promised or guaranteed, to be current, complete, or up-to-date. PRMS is neither a law firm nor a provider of professional medical services, and the materials on this website do not constitute legal, medical, or regulatory advice. You should not act or rely on any legal or medical information in this website without first seeking the advice of an attorney, physician, or other appropriate professional. PRMS, The Psychiatrists' Program and the PRMS Owl are registered Trademarks of Transatlantic Holdings, Inc, a parent company of Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (FAIRCO).

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