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New York Excess Courses

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Which course should I take?

For your first time taking a NY-approved course (i.e., when you first begin participating in the NY Excess program and/or enjoying the 5% premium credit), take the Basic course. Then, every other year, take the Follow-up course. New Follow-up courses are usually posted in the Spring in plenty of time to complete the course by the June 30 regulatory deadline. 

Please note that hospitals can and do alter deadlines and course requirements. 

Attention non-New York insureds: If you plan to take the Follow-up course for the 5% premium credit, please note that the course is only three hours long and will not, by itself, suffice to satisfy the course requirement for the 5% premium credit in states other than New York. You will need to earn one additional hour of risk management CME credit to satisfy the course requirement.

Anyone may take any NY-approved course solely for the CME credit. Non-New York insureds may take either or both courses at any time. 

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